Deborah Lyon Photography

Portrait Commission

Creating beautiful portraiture is a collaboration between myself and the one and or ones in front of my lens. First, I sit with my client to learn about what their interest and intention of the shoot is. We exchange ideas about how to accomplish it. Then the fun begins. I take a series of photographs, exploring the ideas we discussed. The client and I look over the series to see what is working and what isn’t. I continue photographing with our new understanding, and we build upon this process until we find a flow. Meanwhile, I guide my client and give feedback as to what I see that can be improved upon. Then we, together, look through all of the photos, rating them. We continue narrowing the top rated ones down, until we select the “chosen” ones. It’s my aim to make it fun and comfortable. And, its important to me that my clients feel we’ve captured what we are striving for and that they love the finished photos.

Price List